The basic rules for creating a profitable store

Wednesday, 18 September 2019 21:06/ Posted by Misha Pyskur in Tutorials & Tips

Currently, more and more buyers are using online stores. This is not a strange — assortment of online stores anymore, it is possible to get feedback from previous customers, see reviews or choose a complete set, as well as a combination. More and more entrepreneurs are switching to online trading. Often they are faced with a problem, there is traffic, and conversion rates leave much to be desired.

What are the main criteria for proper and modern online stores? Today we’ll try to figure it out.



Niche Selection


For a long time, the most important rule of commerce came to us — give people what they need, and they will bring you money. What does it mean? The demand for goods is one of the qualities of a successful business. If the niche in which you intend to work is oversaturated — this is an occasion to think — how you can interest the buyer and how to stand out among competitors.



The correct CMS engine


As we already know — CMS is a system for managing site content. Simply put — it is the site. The page display speed, convenient work with the interface and the correct display and functioning of all components of the site depend on it. The optimal choice of a system for creating a small or medium-sized business store is a PrestaShop. Our company provides a huge catalog of PrestaShop Modules, PrestaShop Themes, and other free PrestaShop solutions. It implements many functions out of the box — that is, it includes many useful functions and modules that do not need to be searched separately.



The responsivity of your store


More and more users use various gadgets with access to the Internet for shopping and information retrieval — smartphones, tablets, laptops of various screen widths. In order for users not to have to increase individual elements of the site, which is extremely inconvenient, it is necessary to adapt your site to any type of screen. An example of responsive design from Myprestamodules store:





Use all the opportunities of Internet marketing to promote your site, use various options for promoting your business. If one method didn’t work, another one surely works, experiment, analyze the feedback using Google tools. Promotion Options:

  • contextual advertising (for a quick response);
  • SEO tools (keywords, anchors, link mass);
  • price aggregators (price comparison sites);
  • retargeting;
  • mailing list service;
  • promotion in social networks.



Usability of your store


The main task of any online store is sales. Therefore, the usability of the site is a priority for potential buyers. Having visited your site, the user should understand where the product he is interested in is located, how to make a purchase, pay and what the delivery time for the order is. If you have confusion on your site that is understandable only to you, you risk your reputation — the user will not want to spend time on the maze, but will go to competitors.



Product Page contents


The product page should contain comprehensive information about the product or service. The buyer should understand what kind of product it has, what qualities it has, how to buy, to make payment. Product page elements:

  • image, possibly from different angles;
  • name, description;
  • video review (additional benefit);
  • price;
  • basket or call-to-action button;
  • the ability to leave a review;
  • information on payment, delivery of goods, warranty conditions.





Your task as a seller is to establish feedback with the client. In addition to telephones, email, and quick messaging services, use online consultants in your work. This is an affordable service with high-performance indicators. Also, we have a powerful module for collecting reviews — Product Reviews + Tickets + Reminders + Rich Snippets.



Related products


Another way to increase sales of an online store is the function "selection of related products" or "looking for this product." If you sell a smartphone, offer the buyer headphones, a case or additional services. You can find our special module Cross-Selling in Modal Cart. With this feature, you are guaranteed to increase the average purchase receipt.





In fact, there are no clear rules on what qualities a selling online store should have. But there are tools, some kind of pillars of Internet marketing, without which a successful online business will be impossible. Experiment, do not be afraid to change the concept of work — many successful companies with a worldwide reputation remain in demand not only thanks to the experience gained over the years but also the ability to adapt to changes. To get any services or products please visit