What is a PrestaShop?

Friday, 15 March 2019 15:05/ Posted by Misha Pyskur in Tutorials & Tips





PrestaShop is a reliable system for creating an online store that allows you to sell products online. The engine has the open source code and is distributed online free of charge, which means that any user from any country and continent can download it and install it on their website without any financial investments.


The online store is a showcase, and the engine on which it is installed, allows you to manage its logic and behavior. PrestaShop - cross-platform software, it is a  completely free solution for doing business on the Internet.


Many users prefer to use PrestaShop because of its block structure and management flexibility. The admin panel is easy to install, and if the user has little knowledge of PHP, he will be able to create his own templates for the design of the store on the Internet.



Why choose PrestaShop?


As we said above - PrestaShop is a completely free solution and a popular, highly specialized e-commerce platform. Most themes and modules are payable, but nonetheless, there are many free add-ons.



The main advantages of PrestaShop:


  • Free2Use. This is one of the significant advantages for beginner stores that are simply not willing to pay for an expensive commercial CMS.

  • There are no restrictions on the number of goods. 
  • Powerful. An optimized and clean code will allow your store to work seamlessly.
  • Customizable. Every day, templates and modules for PrestaShop become more and more. You can easily change the functionality or look of your store.
  • International. PrestaShop is available in many languages of the world.





Speed, excellent performance, stability and sales efficiency - this and much more distinguishes the system from a similar e-commerce engine. In fact, PrestaShop was and remains one of the most popular platforms for creating an online store. Using PrestaShop is justifiable not only for small but also for powerful stores, which makes the platform one of the leaders in the world of practice. Every day more and more peoples are choosing PrestaShop. Be one of us - create your first store now!