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Front End Product Editor

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The best & ultimate visual product editor for PrestaShop. With this module, you can easily change product data directly on the product page or on the category page without logging to the admin panel of your store. Build & change product data visually.

Product Information:
1.0.4 (07/03/2019)
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v1.6.0.7 - v1.7.6.2
v1.0.0 - 1.0.8
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The functionality of editing products in the PrestaShop platform is limited by the standard editor, which you have in the admin panel. The question itself was how to expand the capabilities of the standard PrestaShop product editor.

Using our module you save time to quickly edit product data, prices, photos and more. It is possible for you to set up quick access to the product data you want to change - just select the features you want to see and save the settings. The module can be customized individually (for example you can add the only price and stock data) or you can use default edition settings-means include all fields are available in PrestaShop product editor (such as information, price, SEO, features etc).

Real-time editing & saving data
Enable redaction product data for users with special IP Address
The ability to modify all product data provided by standard features in PrestaShop
Friendly design and the ability to work on different templates
Fast product deleting
Grouping options for editing and saving them with separate tabs for quick access
Customizing quick tab icons
Modifying product data with different shop languages
- added feature to add new product
- fixed product image thumbnails slider, CSS conflict, with module Bonsai plugin
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