Orders (CSV, Excel) Export PRO

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The Orders Export Module allows you to do a CSV or EXCEL export of your data from your orders function. This module is fully updated and includes new powerful features!

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v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.6.3
v1.0.0 - 1.1.0
1.0.3 (02/03/2020)
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New version! A huge number of new features!


What's new? 


  • Completely revised architecture and module code. Now the module has become even faster and more convenient;
  • Added option to export/import saved settings, which allows you to quickly transfer settings from one store to another;
  • Custom filtering has been updated and modified;
  • Updated filter by fields - now you can drag and drop the fields thus changing their position in the final file, the option of adding your own formula for your own fields is realized;
  • It is possible to preview your file (for EXCEL only), that is, you will see how the exported file will look in real-time;
  • Implemented a brand new option - a summary that allows you to create a new tab in your file with the calculations you need (for example, if you need the information about the number of orders from the category "Laptops" last month);
  • Changed the section of scheduled tasks. It has become clearer, a new launch planner has emerged that will allow for the most flexible set an automatic exports;
  • Added export history.


The Orders Export Module is ideal to transmit its data to the accountant. You choose your shop, and the period you export in one click with your orders. The module also allows you to perform reporting by analyzing each figure control function.


The product allows you to export all your orders with the following fields such as reference, payment, gift, etc. This is a fantastically simple module to install and it uses great features such as a date picker facility to allow you to specify a date range for your orders.


The implementation of the automatic export of orders will allow you to save your time significantly by executing the export in the crontab file. Also, automatic exportation may be configured for new orders, or for specific order status. It's a really wonderful option.


Filter your order data, fields and periods for export. This is a powerful product to increase the functionality of your store.

Product Features
Export/import saved settings option;
Drag and drop the fields;
Custom formulas in custom fields;
Summary function for selected fields;
Sheduled tasks-creating an automatic orders exporting;
Orders export history;
Export your data in CSV or Excel format;
Specify the time or time interval in which the order was formed;
Filter orders by customers;
Filter orders by customer group;
Filter orders by carrier;
Filter orders by payment method;
Filter orders by order status;
Search by fields for export;
Save export settings;
Automatic export using crontab;
Automatic export Email Report;
Orders export to a FTP;
Ajax export;
Select Date format for exported dates;
Select Number of decimal points for prices and sizes;
Select sorting for orders export;
Product cover image export for Excel format.
Product Changelog
- fixed minor bugs
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