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Call For Price + Call Back Product Button

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This module allows you to enable/disable your “Add to cart” button for those products that don’t have a fixed price. Instead a button “Call for price” or any other text will be displayed.

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3.3.7 (09/10/2019)
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v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.6.2
v1.0.0 - 1.0.8
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The module “Call For Price + Call Back Product Button” will help you to set any message instead of the product price. The message for each product can be different with any styles and images.

Display a custom message instead of price "Call For Price" or any other that you want, with differents html/css styles and images
Display different messages for each product
Enable/Disable “Add to cart” button for any product in your store
Set Call Back button instead “Add to cart”
Set Call For Price for specific product
Set Call For Price for specific category
Set Call For Price for all products
Set Call For Price for products with specific price or quantity
Show Call For Price just for not logged users
Set form title
Set form background
Enable/Disable Capthca
Choose fields for form
Coose required fields for form​
GDPR support
- fixed some minor bugs
- added reCAPTCHA
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