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Exporting Process (Orders (CSV, Excel) Export)

At first you need to open module configuration page, where you can configure your exporting process.

Format file: These settings allow you to choose exporting file format (XLSX or CSV).

Filter by orders date: Allows you to choose period for orders export

 Filter by customers group: Determines from which customer group would be exported orders.

Filter by order statuses: Determines from which order statuses would be exported orders.

Filter by customers: Determines from which customers would be exported orders.

Filter by payment method: Determines from which payment method would be exported orders.

Filter by carriers: Determines from which carrier would be exported orders.

 In Other settings you can enable export products data of each order in separate line. If you disable this option, products data would be exported in one line separated by a comma.

In Select fields block you can choose what fields you want to export.

Automatic orders export block allows you to configure automatic export usin cron jobs.

Save settings block allows you to save all your orders export configurations and use it in future export.

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