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Automatic Orders (CSV, Excel) Export PRO configuration

The «Orders (CSV, Excel) Export PRO» module allows not only manual export of orders but also sets up a flexible automatic export. This will be useful if you need to receive reports frequently with orders and at different times. To get started with automatic export, go to the «Scheduled Tasks»  tab:


Here you can see created tasks & information about server time & personal link to use it on your crontab task manager. Let's click to «Add Scheduled Task» button, to create a new task:


The main options that we have:

  • Task Description  the name of our new task;
  • Saved option  saved fields, products, formulas required in our report (configured by the «New Export» button);
  • Automatically export new orders or on status change  only new orders or orders with the specified status will be exported, completed, delivered, paid, etc. will be exported;
  • One-Shot  means that the export will only be started once;
  • Export only not exported products — only not exported products will be exported;
  • Email message — an email notification will be sent to specified emails;
  • Attach File — an exported file will be sent in the email;
  • Task Frequency — determining the time and period when the task will start.



Do not forget to save changes.

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