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Additional settings: creating custom fields & custom formulas.

In the last version of our module, new functionality is implemented - Additional settings. It allows you to create the fields you need with special formulas when importing products into PrestaShop. Using the already available fields and their values in the imported file, you can create a new field or field with your formula:



How does it work? Suppose, when importing from your file, you need to increase the price of all products in the "T-Shirts" category by +10%. Also, you want to increase the price of products from the "Sunglasses" category by +20%, and reduce the price of "Shorts" category by -5%. It would be very boring and time will leave consuming to change the price manually. Especially if the assortment of goods in each category totals several hundred thousand products. But with the new functionality of our module, it is enough to simply use simple formulas and the script will do everything for you.


Let's get started. Choose our file to import and move on by clicking «Next»:



Now open the «Additional Settings» tab:



Important note! To save product prices in other categories, you must definitely indicate this in the "fields". Otherwise, the module imports goods from other categories with zero price. Let's indicate that the prices of products in other categories remain the same as in our file:



The next step: we describe the formula for increasing the price of products from the category of «T-Shirts» by 10%. Add a new condition:



Next, we create a similar condition for the «Sunglasses» category:



and condition for «Shorts» category:



Don't forget to save changes!



Now go to the «Prices» tab and select the value of the field "Pre-tax Retail Price" created by us a custom field "new_price":



Done! Now we can start importing. Let's look at the data in our file for a start:



Compare the data with the import result on our website:



Our formulas worked successfully. In the same way, we can fully control the data when importing. Thus, you can change the quantity, change the name, custom fields and more.

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