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Categories Import

Product Catalog (CSV, Excel) Import module allows to import product categories in three ways: using category name, category id or category tree method to associate product to categories.

Category name method:

Using category name method each category must be in a separate field in import file.

In Product Catalog (CSV, Excel) Import module categories settings must be configured so:

If file has categories that not exists in store, module will create them. Also necessary select default category. It must be one of associated categories. Like in example above.

Category ID method:

Using category ID method categories already must be created in your store.

Categories IDs you can find in categories tab of your store: 


You can associate few categories for product. Each category ID must be separated by a comma. Also you must associate default category for product, ot must be one of associated categories:

And categories settings in module:

Category tree method:

This method allow import categories tree, for example:

In module settings it will be so: 

After import module will associate for product categories in such way: 

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