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Combinations import (generate combinations from attribute values) method

Product Catalog (CSV, Excel) Import module allows to import combinations in three different ways. In this article will be described generate combinations from attribute values method.

Product combination is composed of two parts: the attribute name and the attribute value. The attribute name will be the title of the attribute, such as “size” or “color," and the attribute value will be the value for that attribute, such as “XL,” “M,” “red,” and/or “blue.”

If you have a lot of combinations of your product, you can generate it from your attribute values.

For example if you have some products that have all possible combinations with such attributes as: 

  • Color - blue, red, green
  • Size - XL, M, S
  • Material - cotton, silk


You can generate all possible combinations using import methot generate combinations from attribute values. For this you must have file in such format:

As you can see, in file does not enter attribute name - in this import method you can enter it manually or also you can select it from file field.

Also notice, using generate combinations method you can not import other combinations field such as combination reference, combination impact price, etc.

In Product Catalog (CSV, Excel) Import module combination settings must be configured so:

As you can see, we created three attributes and set appropriate values in it. After import you can see generated combinations in backoffice products settings:

And in front office you will see this:

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