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Can"t login to the admin panel PrestaShop


Good afternoon!

A couple of days ago I encountered a problem, I can not enter the admin panel of the site in any way, before that everything worked perfectly, it's standing on VPS with it (VPS) no manipulations were done (what would I sin on some curve library or deleted some kind of file).

works on Debian

PHP 5.6

when you try to log in, the page is simply refreshed and nothing happens (

The included debug issue is:

Warning: mcrypt_decrypt(): Key of size 33 not supported by this algorithm.
Only keys of sizes 16, 24 or 32 supported in /var/www/prestashop/classes/Rijndael.php

on line 68

I delete 1 character from the end in the line define ('_ RIJNDAEL_KEY_' produces:

Warning: mcrypt_decrypt(): Received initialization vector of size 17, but size 16
is required for this encryption mode in /var/www/prestashop/classes/Rijndael.php

on line 68

line 68 from the file Rijndael.php:

return substr(mcrypt_decrypt(MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128, $this->_key,

base64_decode($ciphertext), MCRYPT_MODE_CBC, $this->_iv), 0, $length);

What was this?

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