Manage PrestaShop users & roles

Thursday, 2 May 2019 11:57/ Posted by Misha Pyskur in Tutorials & Tips



What are user profiles and permissions?



Today we learn how to manage users and access rights to them at our PrestaShop store. PrestaShop presents very tight settings for individual users and allows you to manage roles and various options that are available to them.


The admin panel of the store at PrestaShop includes many items that control the various store settings such as PrestaShop modules, PrestaShop templates, products, etc. and different system options.


Perhaps you do not want all administrators to have access to all the settings of the PrestaShop admin panel. Therefore, you can restrict access to the admin panel of your store & manage the permissions for all of the users.



How to create a new group of users and figure out how to manage access to it.


First, let's go to the admin panel of our store:



In the left menu, click the «Advanced Parameters» option and then press «Team» button:



Here we can see such tabs: employees, profiles, and permissions, as well as a list of our users and information about them:



For a better understanding, let's create a new profile for our users. Let's go to the «Profiles»  tab. Here you can find default profiles created by the platform. You can edit it or delete. Press «Add new profile»:



Enter profile name, choose a language & press «Save»:



Now we have a new profile on the list. The next step is to go to a «Permissions» tab. Click on it:



Click to the «Assistant» profile in the left menu & change each field with options in the right menu to provide access for this role:



That’s it! now we can easily add a new employee to our store. Let's back to the «Employees» tab & press «Add new employee» button. Fill all the fields, enter employee name, email, choose other settings & don’t forget to choose a profile. Note: a password will be automatically generated and sent to the employee email. If everything is good, press the «Save» button:



Now we will receive a successful message:




The settings are complete!


Since, we got acquainted with the functions of managing the store's employees at PrestaShop, created a new profile and chose the options available to this profile. Managing employees greatly expands the capabilities of your store and at the same time lets you hide some options for your privacy. You can also email us if you have any problems, or browse our products for PrestaShop. Keep up to date with our news!


Good luck!