This web-page serves for the legal norms provision, users’ rights assurance, and products guarantee support. We hereby confirm that, under the condition of specified cases occurrence, we can provide you with the following services:


The Refund Service

We will surely return you back the received payment during the first 30 days since the date of purchase. Still, before performing the refund operation, we would like to test the defective module on your on-line shop platform in order to verify its unserviceability and find out the related causes. Such actions will help us to avoid similar mistakes in future. Besides, the Refund system is not available for the following services:


- Customization Service


The Copyright Conditions

Our code is an open source and it can be changed by you in accordance with your requirements. The module code refers to the commercial confidentiality and technical innovations issue. Therefore, its distribution is strictly prohibited.


The Confidentiality Terms

The module license is provided only for one on-line shop (domain). If there is a necessity to fit out several on-line shops with this module, then you should purchase additional licenses. 

The Support and Update Policy


We provide you with 6 months free of charge technical support in case our module fails to operate properly or there are any questions concerning its exploitation.

We also guarantee the modules availability even at the default template.

Bugs Fixing Conditions


In case you detect any bugs (mistakes) within the module, we will solve this problem on FOC bases.

The following cases are not a part of free support service:

- Errors caused by PrestaShop core modifications

- Errors caused by incompability with other addons you have got installed in your shop

- Errors caused by improper webhosting service setup

- Incompability with your PrestaShop store engine version 


Modification of Terms

We reserve the right to make necessary amendments to the Terms & Conditions provisions with or without of your notification. Such amendments come into force immediately after the implementation of the required modifications.