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Social buttons in footer (Varchshop)


In this module you can add social network buttons.

You will see the list of the following social services:

      1. Facebook URL – Your Facebook fan page.
      2. Twitter URL – Your official Twitter accounts.
      3. RSS URL – The RSS feed of your choice (your blog, your store, etc.).
      4. YouTube URL – Your official YouTube account.
      5. Google Plus URL – You official Google Plus page.
      6. Pinterest URL – Your official Pinterest account.
      7. Vimeo URL – Your official Vimeo account.
      8. Instagram URL – Your official Instagram account.
Enter your URLs into the fields for those social services which you want to show in the footer.
NOTE: Leave the URL fields empty if you do not want to show the corresponding social network icons.
Click the Save button to confirm the changes.
Social buttons in footer.
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