Cross Selling in Modal Cart



This is a priceless module for those who want to drastically increase revenue without spending too much effort. Offer your visitors additional or similar products and let your sales grow.

What this module does for you

Has your customer just purchased a product and is now going to checkout? You still have a good chance to make them increase their purchase list. With the module “Cross selling in modal cart” this option is accessible for everyone.


modal cart with added products
associated products in modal cart for product that was added
choose associated products for specific products
choose associated products as products from same category
choose associated products as products from accessories
choose associated products as products from top sales
choose associated products as products from discount products
choose associated products as products from cross selling
choose priority for associated products


- added advanced styles feature
- added feature setup specific associated products for all products
- added feature setup banners in modal cart
Module price
39,00 €

PrestaShop validation approved
Extension details
v1.6.0.7 - v1.7.4.3
Version :
3.1.0 (19/07/2017)
Translated into :
Rating :
0 reviews
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