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Look for the best ways about your customer comfort to offer them different possibilities such as posting and sharing the latest news, entertaining and interesting articles and short blog messages on the pages of your store. This is a reliable functional blog with different features to give the various possibilities to create the different content sections and add a lot of useful information to the regular bases.

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Creating an enjoyable shopping experience for customers is always the main focus of any successful online merchant. There are a lot of things customers expect when shopping online such as a stable and productive platform, presentable and decent products cards with completely clear pictures and informative descriptions, additional convenient and understandable modules which will help your customers to enjoy their shopping. It is extremely important to provide your customers with the useful information concerning your products.
The proposed functional blog certainly can become a reliable and convenient content displaying tool. Here you can create multiple sections related to the latest news, useful articles and customer blogs where you can share all the important information that your customers should know about the products represented in your store. You can add a photo or video file to all the articles you would like to represent. You can also provide titles, short and long descriptions, links and pagination. 
Your customers will be pleased with the ease of navigation which is crucial to the success of an online store.

create news, articles, and blog sections on your web-site and regularly add the new information
display the latest news on your web-site
provide the news posts with titles, short and long descriptions, photos and videos (you may use the YouTube web source also) to make the detailed product descriptions
provide your news with pagination and friendly URLs
search by news and articles
article comments with rating
comments moderation
email notification about new comment
add associated products for each article
add related articles block for each article
show/Hide slider with featured articles on each page of site in column
display blog categories block in left column
display blog archive block in left column
display search on blog block in left column
Grid/List articles view
multilanguage support
last news on home page
- Fixed minor bugs
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