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Mass Product Quantity & Price Update

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Mass Product Quantity & Price Update is a convenient module especially designed to perform import and export operations with the PrestaShop products and change their mass quantity and price.

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3.0.8 (10/08/2019)
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v1.6.0.7 - v1.7.6.2
v1.0.0 - 1.0.8
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A quick and convenient method of products management is a perfect choice for a modern state of the art on-line store. Having different types and complexity level of sale products, you will always need a one-step activity for correct export implementation.
If your product is simple and without any combinations, it will be easy for you to change its availability on-line. Whereas, if your product is complicated and with combinations, in this case there is a possibility for you to set quantity and price value for each combination. Also you can simply set quantity and price for products without combinations.

edit the products quantity
edit the products price
choose products separately or the entire product directories for exporting to the excel file
filter products by categories
filter products by manufacturers
filter products by suppliers
filter products by active/inactive status
filter products by price
filter products by quantity
change the quantity and price of your products in the export file, and to import this file back to the on-line store
automatic update from any csv and xlsx file
automatic update from FTP source
automatic update from URL source
Email report after automatic update processing
Email report after automatic update processing
ajax update
export/update progress bar
Select Number of decimal points for prices
Select sorting for products export
- Actions for products that are in store but not in file, and in store and in file
- Added images for live update list
- Option for disabling products with zero quantity.
- "Quantity update method" setting
- "Quantity Conditions Rules" and "Price Conditions Rules" settings
- "Disable hooks" option for automatic update
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