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Product Catalog (CSV, Excel) Import

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Product Catalog (CSV, Excel) Import module is a convenient module specially designed to perform import operations with the PrestaShop products. A functional, quick and convenient method of products management is a perfect choice for a modern state of the online store. The simple usage of the Product Catalog Import module allows you to easily import & update your product catalog.

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6.2.8 (12/10/2019)
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v1.6.0.7 - v1.7.6.2
v1.0.0 - 1.0.8
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What is the products import?


Adding products to the online store catalog and updating information about products, for example, when price changes, availability, characteristics, when importing data from price list files, compared to manually managing goods, significantly reduces the time required to keep the catalog up to date.


The procedure for importing products in PrestaShop is not easy, even considering the possibility of standard products importing of the platform. The stock import function in PrestaShop is quite confusing and includes a minimum of functions. A functional, quick and convenient method of products management is a perfect choice for a modern state of the online store. Our Product Catalog Import module allows you to easily import and update your product catalog. It allows you to extend the initial import functionality and can be easily configured in a few steps.



Our main product advantages which we are proud of:


  • Automatic import feature with an email notification - allows to configure automatic import and get the report about it on your email address.

  • Multiple images import & thumbnails generation - allows importing product images by 2 methods: Images in one field separated by a comma or Each image in a separate field.

  • Combinations import methods - combination in one field, each attribute and value in the separate field, each combination in a separate row in the file, generate combinations from attribute values.

  • Categories import by category name, category ID or category tree.

  • Features import - features name you can enter manually or select from the file.




The module has the necessary functionality to work with the import of a huge amount of data - and if you have a special case and the functionality of the standard version is not enough - we can always discuss the possibility of both free and paid upgrades.

import products with the following fields such as , unity, height, depth, weight etc.
choose format of import file (CSV, Excel)
update current products
import product categories
combinations import (4 different method to import it)
allow import combinations where each combination in a separate row
special prices import
features import
multiple features module support
accessories import
pack products import
suppliers import
customization fields import
attachments import
ajax import
progress bar import
allow save import settings
automatic import using crontab jobs
feed source from URL
feed source from FTP
mydataprovider.com service support
advanced stock management support
- added feature to import products just from selected suppliers
- added feature to import products just from selected brands
- added feature to import products just from selected suppliers
- added price conditions feature
- added quantity rules feature
- added pre-defined values for suitable fields
- improved quantity and price conditions features
- added feature to detect combination by reference/UPC/EAN/ISBN/Attributes
- added feature to remove or not current product category associations
- added field conditions feature
- upgraded Schedule Tasks feature (after module update old schedule tasks settings will be removed)
- fixed schedule tasks bug
- upgraded "Custom Fields" feature
- upgraded "Import conditions" feature
- added feature to skip products from import
- added feature to remove products during import
- added queue for schedule tasks
- upgraded images import process
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